At DMM our culture is based on a values driven leadership model with standards of ethical behavior as the foundation.

We believe in partnerships based on integrity and a business environment that sustains quality best practices adhering to the industry compliance standards of the clients and industries we service. As a document solutions provider for business critical communication we are mindful of the security and privacy requirements of our customers and take care in deploying regulatory communications to meet compliance standards. Our certifications and compliance audits are listed below.


Our facilities have the highest level of security protocols in the industry. DMM utilizes technical, physical and administrative safeguards to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of client information. DMM’s security safeguards include:


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The five Key Attributes of DMM’s Compliance Best Practices

Leadership Oversight

DMM’s executive leadership oversees compliance with a compliance officer who leads the compliance committee made up of a team of cross functional staff from every department company-wide. The compliance officer makes sure that the internal policies and regulatory requirements are being followed. The compliance teams’ duties are to identify risk, design and implement controls and mitigate those risks and report the effectiveness of the controls.

Open Communication

Communication is key to education and eliminating risk. Team members are encouraged to seek counsel and ask questions to supervisors, managers and the human resources department to ensure quality and compliance standards are both understood and practiced. The compliance team meets regularly to review best practices and communicate departmentally.

Risk Assessment

Compliance risk assessments are conducted annually on regulatory requirements and internal controls. At DMM we conduct annual third party risk assessments as well as client on-site assessments to ensure that internal controls are being met. The company’s compliance committee monitors and audits best practices company-wide to make sure our people and processes understand the necessary security requirements.

Training and Education

All staff receive annual compliance training that includes security, general compliance and coverage of any important regulations which are covered during orientation. In addition compliance and security awareness materials are provided by company newsletters, email alerts, our SharePoint educational library and externally through conferences and third party training.

Policy & Procedures

DMM has a code of ethical conduct that is reflected in the company’s policies and procedures. Team members are held to a standard that is outlined in the company handbook and these guidelines are reviewed and audited by the compliance committee to ensure standards are being followed company-wide.

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