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For more than 40 years DMM has provided comprehensive document output solutions. We understand transactional communications are an essential element in your operational cash flow. Our best practices ensure the end-to-end integrity of all your business critical communications through our ever-evolving focus on delivering complete document production solutions from complex document output to e-presentment and delivery.

DMM specializes in providing the highest quality of data-to-document output for multi-channel document delivery.


Our facilities have the highest level of security protocols in the industry. DMM utilizes technical, physical and administrative safeguards to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of client information. DMM’s security safeguards include:


Data Security

No matter how complex or sensitive your data may be, DMM security protocols comply with the requirements of multiple industries for secure processing and distribution. DMM best practices include the latest file encryption, secure file transfer protocol (SFTP) and a high-level of systems controls to prevent errors and manage privacy for regulated communications.

Data Archiving

You want all your data a click or two away. DMM’s Archival Solution allows secure document archiving with immediate access. Secured PDF storage streamlines archival and retrieval and can be customized to meet your business requirements through online client user portals.

Data Integrity

Every job uses DMM’s integrity-based inserting systems with page-level 2D barcode scanning and Ironsides Document Integrity tracking throughout facilities eliminating inserting or sequence errors in document processing.


Data Management

Our database engineers and programmers are industry experts and apply CASS Certified industry best practices when working with database applications. From file maintenance to suppression and deduplication, we have the flexibility to receive your data in any format to create output for printing or electronic delivery.

Document Composition & Design

As experts in design and composition, one of our key strengths is to work with complex business rules to help you create a customized invoice, statement, or compliance document package to increase revenue, improve communication and strengthen your customer relationship.

Mission Critical Regulatory and Compliance Output

We have an integrated technology platform that allows us to provide both electronic and print output delivery options whether it is a statement, invoice or other business-critical documents.

Intelligent & Selective Inserting

Our automated document factory utilizes both intelligent and selective insertion technology that incorporates document verification software to help ensure end-to-end accuracy in the delivery of physical documents providing 100% output integrity.

Integrity Verification & APT Tracking

Automated Production Tracking is accessed through dmm360°, DMM's online user portal, which is powered by Ironsides and MRDF technologies. These tools provide real-time document integrity tracking and reporting.

Electronic Bill Presentment and E-Delivery

We provide both EBP and EBPP to accommodate customer delivery preferences and help accelerate payments and cash flow with end-to-end data integrity and security.

dmm360° – Real-Time Access

DMM’s proprietary client user portals provide fully transparent real-time job tracking that let you view your projects from initiation through USPS delivery. Available 24/7, our customized user portals have functionality that includes document management, online proofing, reporting, inventory management, shipping, and real-time job tracking leveraging the Ironsides Integrity Tracking Tool.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Our BC DR services provide the security you need to protect your business if inclement weather disrupts day-to-day operations. DMM has the strength and infrastructure to make sure your business keeps moving forward, no matter what is happening outside.

Commingling & Postal Optimization

We have a proprietary process to help control postage costs and maximize postal savings while maintaining optimal levels of security and data to mail integrity. From CASS certification and NCOA to commingling -- we offer the systems and intelligence to achieve the maximum postal discounts available industrywide.

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