Marketing Communications

What We Offer

Tightly focused messaging is a key part of conveying your brand promise to customers and prospects. We ensure your marketing communications are not only well-targeted but can be tracked, with response measured to ensure you get the best return on your marketing investment. From direct mail campaigns to marketing collateral management – we offer multi-channel delivery to touch your customers where they preferred to be reached.

Our end-to-end document control that enhances business critical transactional communications gives you complete document production solutions for your physical and electronic marketing communications.

Data Driven Communications

Direct Mail Campaigns

We produce highly relevant messaging for direct mail campaigns that increase response rates and revenue which can be supplemented with compelling multi-channel communications that can reach into vertical markets.

Marketing Collateral

Our expertise in developing brand relevant marketing communications leverages print-on-demand portals providing ease of use when ordering collateral and speed to market.

Multi-Channel Delivery

Our omni-channel delivery uses state-of-the-art automated workflows, online proofing portals, and compelling messaging to leverage the power of integrated marketing communications to help make the most of your marketing investments.

Direct Mail Services

Trigger Campaigns

We work with you to identify customer needs and create messages that trigger responses, and incorporate them into customized campaigns that bring results. Whether it is for acquisition or retention purposes we can customize your SLA delivery.

Data Preparation

Good information is the foundation of any successful campaign. By analyzing your data we can provide tools and the expertise you need to improve your reach, sales and return on marketing investment (ROMI). Utilizing the latest in data hygiene best practices allows us to help you mine your data and turn it into actionable messaging that increases both readership and response.

Variable Data Programming

Our programming expertise provides both personalization and customization of dynamic messaging based on specific customer characteristics to help make all your marketing communications unique to the recipient to improve overall campaign effectiveness.

Digital Print on Demand

Print what you need, when you need it, faster than offset. This flexible, cost-efficient technology prints directly from data to paper. No films, no inks, no wasted overruns! You can eliminate outdated inventory and just print what you need with quality and speed to market!

Printing & Mailing Services

We provide high volume full color and monochrome laser printing both cut sheet and roll feed digital print technologies. Combine this with our complete letter shop and bindery services and we can deliver all your program needs.

Postal Optimization

We utilize specialized software and custom programming to ensure accurate delivery and obtain the lowest possible postage rates for every mail piece that leaves our facilities. We also offer commingling, palletization, and both SCF and drop-ship delivery for deeper postal discounts and faster delivery.


Graphic Design

We can work with designs from your agency or designers and can take the work off your plate so you can work without worrying about creating new collateral materials that will speak to your customers and prospects. DMM staff includes experts in color management, including G7 certification, to ensure your critical brand colors are always rendered accurately.

Print on Demand Programs

Whether your sales team needs a product booklet or a post card campaign, DMM's print on demand portals can provide the flexibility you need to order products on demand with ease of use and speed to market regardless of print channel. This digital printing process eliminates inventory costs and outdated materials -- the savings will drop right to your bottom line!

Online User Portals - dmm360°

DMM’s proprietary web-based client user portal provide customers real-time access to all aspects of their programs. Job tracking elements can span job scheduling, inventory, PDF proofing, shipping, custom reporting, SLA management, and other customized functionality. From making it fast and easy to view your proofs to taking the hassle out of shipping and delivery, DMM simplifies production to save you time and money on every job.



Today customers check their communications from multiple devices in real-time. DMM’s e-Delivery services allow you to communicate electronically through email, smartphones, tablets, computers, SMS, and web -- all with end-to-end data integrity and security.

Mobile (SMS)

More and more, your customers are turning to smartphones and tablets as their primary devices for receiving and reacting to transactional and multi-channel communications. DMM closes the loop between physical and electronic mail, providing you with a single source for all of your critical business communications.


Nearly every business today can benefit from a social media presence but for many companies, these outlets are exception processing or handled as an afterthought. DMM links your corporate communication strategies together to provide multi-media distribution of physical mail, electronic messaging and your social media presence to promote your brand and top-of-mind awareness.

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