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Optimize your critical communications programs with accurate and timely follow up. DMM’s complete array of fulfillment and web based management solutions is poised to keep your business critical communication programs on track and on time. From product and literature fulfillment to multi-component kits and print-on-demand, DMM’s pick, pack and ship programs provide speed to market.

Our fulfillment solutions shorten time to market with same-day distribution and support compliance-driven file processing while optimizing the freight carriers to ensure lowest delivery costs.

Fulfillment Distribution

Web Based Solutions

Warehousing & Inventory Management


Automated Order Fulfillment

DMM’s Order Fulfillment System enables you to order materials, store and ship them with real-time access through our web-based customer user portal - dmm360°. This tool has an administrative dashboard that allows you to minimize the amount of time your team spends on this process. We also customize SLAs and can accommodate same day shipping if received by 2:00pm EST.

Literature Fulfillment

Our literature fulfillment services keep pace with demand by processing and shipping thousands of orders each day. From books and catalogs to sales and marketing materials our flexible approach tailors fulfillment services for each client’s individual requirements so you can focus on your core business.

Product Fulfillment

Our experience in shipping a multitude of products combined with a fully-automated pick-and-pack order processing and inventory control system enables us to process and ship orders within 24 hours of receipt, shortening your time to market.

Kitting and Assembly

The challenge with kitting is controlling costs. DMM reduces your kitting expense for both on-demand kitting and pre-assembly, with pre-assembled kits inventoried and warehoused for timely pick-and-pack order processing. We offer both automated workflows and manual pick, pack and ship kits.

Pick and Pack

We can both print and store your additional product in our secure fulfillment warehouse distribution center and quickly pick and pack your product within minutes, not days, of receiving and order. Our fulfillment staff picks, packs and ships over hundreds of orders daily to multiple locations nationwide.

Customized Packaging

We work with packaging specialists to find the most cost-effective options for your customized package. Whether it is a book or direct mail product, we find a box, envelope or polybag solution that will delight your customers and shorten time to market. Once the carrier is decided upon we can handle the packaging process for you with both automated and manual options.


Real-time Access – dmm360°

DMM’s proprietary 24/7 client user portal is the most efficient way to manage any project from data to delivery. You can have real-time access to your inventory, shipping and postage reports with our client user portal - dmm360°. Using a Microsoft SQL server database platform our experienced programmers can design customized functionality to meet your specific viewing needs.

Web Based Fulfillment

DMM’s Web-2-Print Solutions are customized web portals that allow you to place print orders over the web. These solutions include collateral management systems, customized storefronts and print-on-demand portals. Your customers can place orders on demand real-time 24/7 and reach their target audience in just a few days.

Print-on-Demand Workflows

DMM’s easy-to-use web portals improve workflow and production efficiency by enabling marketers and publishers to produce and supply highly targeted direct mail, dynamic in-store signage and campaign materials on-demand for prompt shipping and delivery. This allows you to reduce material inventory and costs all from one portal.


Fulfillment Distribution Centers

The leading advantages of our east coast fulfillment distribution centers are that they are located directly off major highways with easy access for truckload and PVA carriers. We have climate controlled warehouses, real-time reporting and tracking, and FDA compliant facilities with 24-hour secure storage.

Secure Climate Controlled Storage

All campaign materials, documents and kits deserve the best possible handling before they are sent to a customer. DMM’s secure climate controlled warehouse maintains consistent humidity, temperature, and reduces dust to maintain quality so everything we send out is in the best possible condition before it leaves our facility.

Stock Management Notifications

DMM carefully monitors inventories of all materials in our warehouse to keep you up-to-date so you can avoid delays in production or shipping of materials. Our dmm360° real-time dashboards have an admin function that allows you to set real-time alerts and notifications to keep your team updated about inventory levels and shipping information.

Freight Carrier Integration

DMM knows the most cost-efficient ways to mail or ship all types of materials. Our shipping experts select and keep you informed about carrier options, shipping costs and projected delivery times. Then we track your shipments so we can share with you the details of timely delivery.

Logistics Management

DMM’s logistics management know-how helps lower costs and improve shipping efficiencies. Our supply chain management team identifies the optimal shipping method for delivering your goods economically and on schedule.

Drop Shipping

We can drop ship your mail or fulfillment package directly to the postal facilities (Destination NDC’s or Destination SCF’s) which eliminates three stops (Local Post Office, Origin SCF and Origin NDC). The postal service would have to take the time to process your product. This saves you both time and money!

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