Telecommunications and utilities companies have large legacy databases and need deep expertise in data and document composition to create well-targeted customer communications that can address individual customer usage patterns and habits.


Whether a market is rural or urban, telecom and utility companies are in highly competitive environments with narrow profit margins. Compelling, targeted customer communications based on customer data help control customer churn and aid retention and acquisition.

Telco/Utilities Solutions

Customers want to choose what communications they receive, where they receive them and how they respond. At the same time, telecom and utilities companies want to improve customer experiences while reducing costs—and controlling the experience. Making that possible are DMM’s personalization and promotional tools that can help telecom and utility invoices also serve as marketing vehicles that are opened and read by all recipients.

All of DMM’s flexible, scalable solutions support regulatory, compliance and security requirements. Whether it is a bill, newsletter or any type of notice we can help you transform your customer experience.

Key Applications


Dunning Letters

Regulatory Notices

Statements & Invoices

Disconnection Notices

e-Presentment & Payment

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