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One of the best ways to streamline your operations and improve your ROI is by outsourcing document services to a partner who specializes in print, mail and electronic document production. DMM specializes in complete mail outsourcing with the technology and staff to manage all your processing needs. Our partnership allows you to focus on your core business and provides benefits that go directly to your bottom line.


Whether your customers are consumers or other businesses they want to choose how you communicate with them. DMM provides a full range of print, mail and electronic communication options to deliver timely, accurate and secure business-critical messages that help convey your brand promise and enhance connectivity to your marketplace.


Business Critical Document Production

DMM streamlines efficiencies, automates workflows and boosts productivity with leading edge software and the latest toner and inkjet digital printing systems to provide complete document services.

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Redundant operations across our facilities provide continuous data protection and production capabilities to make sure all your jobs are processed on time, even when external challenges arise.

Customer Support & Tracking

DMM’s 24/7 self-serve portals provide real-time job access and support resources so you can work without worry. Providing complete transparency, this tool lets you view your projects and programs any time of day and is flexible and easy to use giving you a seamless customer experience.


Document Composition & Design

As experts in design and composition, we work with complex business rules to help you create a customized invoice, statement, or compliance communication package to increase revenue, improve communication and strengthen your customer relationship.

Secure Document Print & Delivery

We use Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) to increase security, reduce risk and provide a faster time to market for content critical documents from print through mail delivery. Leverage cut sheet or roll feed digital technologies to produce monochrome or full color documents for your business critical communications.

Real-time Job Visibility and Tracking

Depending on job requirements we use MRDF (Machine Readable Data File) or Ironsides Technology that uses 2D barcodes for real–time job visibility and tracking. Both approaches help manage variable inserts while reducing risk and helping eliminate errors. This provides full document integrity and reporting.

Document Finishing

DMM’s comprehensive finishing services include collating, binding, folding, saddle stitching, perfect binding, UV coating, and lamination to enhance the look and feel of your products and customer communications.

Secure e-Presentment

Paperless adoption is here to stay. We can help you reduce costs and increase customers’ cash flow by secure transmission of statements, invoices and other business critical documents in printed or e-presentment formats.

Postal Optimization

DMM's proprietary postal saving strategies cleanse your data to eliminate bad addresses while maximizing savings and streamlining delivery with IMb processing. We pass on significant postal savings to our clients based on proprietary best practices we have developed and it all drops to your bottom line!

Business Process Outsourcing

Leverage DMM’s in-house technology and infrastructure to control your print production and mailing costs so you can focus on your core business and strive for greater profitability. By outsourcing to DMM this ensures secure document processing while reducing overhead and providing a shorter time to market allowing you to focus on your core business.

Fulfillment & Mailing Services

Maximize delivery and minimize costs to get the results you need! DMM’s mailing and distribution experts use efficient processes in lean manufacturing to streamline workflow and trim costs from mailing and kit assembly to finding the least cost delivery model options for shipping – we’ll help you save both time and money!

Document Archival & Retrieval

DMM’s automated document archiving protects business critical documents from fire, flood and other disasters to enhance security and compliance and simplify retrieval. We can accommodate many types of formats and customize the view based on client need.


DR & BC Services

DMM’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services keep your company moving forward while improving compliance and security standards. We have redundant physical print production back-up sites in Scarborough, ME and North Wales, PA. The facilities are supported by generators with a point-to-point fiber connection for secure data transfer and load balancing between locations.

DR Implementation and Testing

DMM helps you plan for the worst and avoid disruptions with secure, scalable, and compliant SOC2 and ISO certified business recovery services. Our comprehensive processing centers provide redundant data and print production support with point-to-point recovery to meet your needs and control costs. We provide annual testing by application and location as required based on client SLAs.

Peak Processing Support

Beyond disaster recovery services, DMM’s expertise and technology supports your business mail processing during peak times. We offer load balance between our mail and print distribution centers in Scarborough, ME and North Wales, PA. Our facilities also provide robust and redundant support to reduce risk and avoid processing delays.

Business Process Automation

DMM’s solutions team of industry experts can help you streamline processing of your business-critical documents to increase speed, standardization and productivity while reducing costs. Our solutions team can identify and implement process improvements and add automation that can help your company reduce errors, improve workflows and increase customer satisfaction.

Security Protocols

Our facilities have high level security protocols which include SOC2/Type II, ISO 27001, PCI and HIPAA compliance. DMM utilizes technical, physical and administrative safeguards to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of client information. DMM’s security safeguards include: audited traffic reports, proximity card restricted access, SSH transport, SFTP, secure on-site document shredding, background checks on personnel, controlled access to facilities and departments, video surveillance systems, and strict visitor check-in procedures.

Integrity Verification & Tracking

Our Ironsides Technology ensures 100% distribution compliance at the page, piece, and record level. This automated production tracking eliminates insertion errors and compliance risk using automated real-time work-in-progress data, validating for every mail piece at every device with barcode scanning. This is an independent audit trail that only completes delivery when every piece is accounted for in order to finalize processing. This tool improves SLA management and provides job visibility and tracking.


Dedicated Account Teams

DMM’s dedicated account teams combine the latest skills and technology with over twenty-five years’ hands-on experience to streamline program execution with the attention to detail that only comes from an industry leader. DMM’s service model includes multi-level escalation processes and communication best practices that support client specific SLA response times and reporting procedures to better manage your business needs.

Onboarding Support

DMM’s onboarding expertise includes an onboarding team led by a PMP-Certified Project Manager who will make the transition to DMM seamless and organized. Our highly skilled implementation specialists manage the entire onboarding process utilizing proven methodologies with full testing and training to ensure compliance requirements.

dmm360° – Real-time Access

DMM’s proprietary client user portals provide fully transparent real-time job tracking that let you view your projects and programs from initiation through USPS delivery. Available 24/7, our customized user portals have functionality that includes document management, online proofing, reporting, inventory management, shipping, and real-time job tracking leveraging the Ironsides Integrity Tracking Tool.

Certified Project Management with Industry Expertise

When choosing DMM you will work with a team led by an experienced PMP-Certified Project Manager to ensure the transition from your existing processes to DMM is seamless, organized and tailored to your specific needs. Our certified project managers work with you to identify your needs, develop the appropriate transition plan and support you through the complete onboarding process.

SLA Management Best Practice Tools

DMM’s account team and project managers provide solutions for managing best practices for all your SLAs. To keep programs on track and on time, our customized portals provide SLA reporting, daily production meetings, weekly customer update webinars and quarterly reviews to support customer management and governance.

Full-Service IMb - Enhanced Mail Piece Tracking

DMM’s data center is USPS CASS certified for USPS IMb (Intelligent Mail Barcode) to reduce costs and provide tracking of your mail throughout the distribution process. Ask about our enhanced delivery tracking with Intelligent Mail Barcode Tracking and Tracing Solution.

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