MPTC Names DMM Community Partner of the Year

Posted: Mar 28, 2016 in Awards

Article by My Place Teen Center.

At My Place Teen Center, we can’t rest at helping our teens lead healthy, productive lives. We have to communicate our mission to our broader community to build a network of support, not just financially, but philosophically. For that important work, we rely on our 2016 Community Partner of the Year, DMM, Inc.

DMM, Inc is a transactional print and direct mail solutions provider specializing in executing business critical communications. Located in Scarborough, DMM started as a direct mail company 33 years ago, and as technology developed and changed the communications landscape, DMM adapted and grew using technology, strategic partnerships and the work ethic cultivated in a family-owned business. DMM supports My Place Teen Center’s marketing efforts through the donation of data, print, mail & fulfillment services, and supports the program as members of The500CLUB and volunteers.

Theresa Cloutier, Senior Vice President of Marketing, said giving back to the community is ingrained in the corporate culture of DMM, and should be embraced by all Maine businesses. “At DMM we believe that it is our responsibility as business leaders to offer our resources where it can make a difference. My father, TJ Cloutier, who founded DMM in 1983 had a favorite mantra, “To those whom much is given, much is expected.” These were the type of values he started the company with and they are still alive and well today,” she said. “With over 20,000 businesses here in the State of Maine, if everyone played a role, imagine what we can do to change lives for teenagers at risk.”

MPTC President and CEO Donna Dwyer said My Place Teen Center relies on the marketing support of DMM. “DMM provides us the opportunity to tell the story of My Place Teen Center to people we would not otherwise be able to reach.

We believe that it is our responsibility as business leaders to offer our resources where it can make a difference.

As a non-profit, My Place Teen Center considers every dollar spent for operations, because a dollar spent on a direct mail campaign is a dollar that can’t be used to feed a hungry child or offer guitar lessons for an at-risk teen.

“Thanks to DMM, we don’t have to choose between expanding our base of supporters and the programming at My Place Teen Center,” Donna said. “DMM, Inc is an incredible asset to our organization.”