DMM Launches InkJet Print Technology Processing Platform

Posted: Sep 14, 2018 in Company Updates

DMM recently acquired the Canon OCÉ i300 VarioPrint® sheet fed inkjet printer, adding to our fleet of printers across two locations. With the deployment of this printer, we have expanded our capabilities from toner based to inkjet technology for more color consistency, faster run speeds and quicker turnarounds. This new press provides the capacity to process higher volumes of color output more efficiently and cost-effectively.  The Canon OCÉ i300 VarioPrint® operates around three times faster than other equipment, has better overall uptime and provides more flexibility to meet varying client production needs across applications.

This new technology allows DMM to better service transactional print clients by making it cost-effective to add color to monochrome documents as well as provide faster processing times thereby — reducing time to market.  Our customers can expect more consistent quality color output – what we print today will be the same as what prints one year from now.  This is due to the print system’s ability to lock in custom color profiles by client specification.   In addition, the Canon OCÉ i300 VarioPrint® 3D sentry unit minimizes misfeeds, resulting in less waste, and less reprint time.  And with the Color Grip pre-coat technology, the ink sits higher on the sheet and provides better print contrast, allowing for eye catching color output results.

The Canon OCÉ i300 VarioPrint® also provides the versatility to produce higher volume output – up to 15 million images per month for varying job lengths.  Due to DMM’s increase in transactional print clients that require tighter SLAs based on compliance, we needed a system to streamline workflow and production at the same time.  Many compliance customers require ‘same day’ and ‘next day’ service levels and this technology makes that much more manageable.  In fact, there are instances where a job that used to print in three hours now prints in just one hour.  The reduction in time to market is a value that continues to be recognized by our customers.

This new inkjet print technology helps DMM achieve consistent color quality and throughput, as well as lower operational costs allowing us to pass on savings of up to 20% to some of our customers. It also consolidates color and black and white printing in one press which provides more flexibility for jobs that run at very high speeds in one full pass, supporting uninterrupted production.  From a processing standpoint, this system has the ability to queue up ten jobs at once resulting in shorter run lengths and faster turnarounds, meaning better compliance, especially for healthcare and financial services customers.

Overall, the Canon OCÉ i300 VarioPrint® provides DMM an opportunity to serve a greater diversity of clients based on the benefits this new technology has to offer. We can service clients in regulated industries providing custom program development that can be set up on the prepress platform.  Additionally for compliance customers we can provide higher volumes, faster turnarounds, and reduced risk when achieving service levels.   And for the traditional direct mail marketing customers, it offers high volume ink jet color printing with consistent color quality and faster time to market.  In both instances, it is a “win” “win” for both DMM and our clients.

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