DMM, Inc. Acquires Canon Océ ColorStream® 3900 Web Press

Posted: Aug 30, 2019 in Company Updates


DMM, Inc. recently acquired a Canon Océ ColorStream 3900 Web Press, adding to its inkjet print production platform. The ColorStream 3900’s capacity and flexibility make it the “Cadillac” of DMM’s inkjet printing fleet.

The Canon Océ ColorStream 3900 boasts an impressive level of productivity thanks to the Tecnau Zero Speed Splicer u40 which automates roll changes. This reduces downtime and helps ensure the press continues to run at production speeds for maximum throughput and productivity. Traditional roll changes can cause downtimes approaching 15 minutes, which equates to the loss of up to 27,000 letter-size pages. The Tecnau Zero Speed Splicer u40 technology inherent to the Canon Océ ColorStream 3900 greatly reduces paper waste due to roll changes, drives production costs down, and increases profitability. In addition to this technology, the 3900 offers up the following strengths:

  1. Precise Registration, Consistent Color Quality

The Océ ColorStream® 3900 features inkjet DigiDot technology that produces consistently crisp, pixel-precise registration, with a perceived output of up to 1200 dpi. Though an extensive color gamut is standard for most print jobs, specialty inks for MICR, custom colors, security printing (for checks and official documents) are also available to support specialized output needs.

  1. High Speed, High Volume Performance

The Océ ColorStream® 3900 is a continuous feed digital press that prints up to 417 feet of rolled paper-stock per minute, with a maximum print width of 20.5 inches. The fast, high volume engine delivers up to 56 million full-color impressions per month – or nearly 2000 letter-length impressions per minute.

  1. Instant QC Analyses at Full Production Speeds

The printer’s WebVision™ print inspection system consists of high-resolution cameras that detect quality problems inline, in real time. The entire page is analyzed to identify alignment and uniformity issues, such as smears, streaks, gaps, voids and other output defects.

  1. More Control, Less Waste

Printer operators have full control over print speeds and stock usage, and can, if needed, instantly intervene via the Operator Management Interface. The no-waste pause-print function also enhances production control, while built-in intelligent processing automatically prints on speed ramp-ups and slows down RIP speeds for large jobs. Together these processes enable operators to precisely manage workflow, print efficiencies and paper usage.

  1. Flexible Inline Printing and Finishing

The printer’s advanced, continuous feed, inline printing and finishing capabilities help make it the most flexible and economical full-color system in the print and mail industry. Vertical or horizontal perforations, for example, can be done dynamically, changing positions with each page, if required. This eliminates the need for pre- or post-production processing, and dependence on costly, preprinted stock. Benefits to DMM’s clients include:

  • Reduced Stock Costs and Management Fees — There is no need for pre-printed stock because document data and design are printed simultaneously. Changes to document design such as logos, addresses and colors are very flexible. You can benefit from an increase in cash flow and reduction in costs associated with waste (outdated or damaged stock) and warehouse storage fees.
  • Cost-Effective Onsert Printing and Personalization — With the Océ ColorStream® 3900, inserts can be printed as personalized onserts. This lowers postage costs, and increases the likelihood that pieces will be seen and read, rather than falling out or being discarded.
  • Expanded Marketing Capabilities — On transactional and promotional documents, relevant, personalized messages and graphics can be dynamically selected and driven by customer data. Dynamic newsletters can be simultaneously printed inline, increasing production efficiency, while eliminating pre-print and insertion costs, stock-storage fees and paper waste.
  • Check-Printing Flexibility — Support for MICR ink means that checks can be printed inline with other documents, such as statements or letters. Unlike pre-printed check stock, documents with checks printed inline can feature targeted messaging and full-color images and graphics–turning an ordinary payment instrument into a personalized communication medium.
  • Environmentally Responsible Design — The Océ ColorStream® 3900 is manufactured with 100% recyclable, non-lead components, and is designed to optimize consumption of paper and ink. Built-in features, such as dynamic perforation, inline printing, and MICR/security ink, eliminate the need to buy and store specialty stock, and reduce waste due to spoilage or design changes.