DMM, Inc. Expands Gunther Technology Platform – Specializing in Complex Document Insertion

Posted: Jan 17, 2019 in Company Updates

DMM, Inc. has recently diversified its intelligent inserting capabilities by expanding its Gunther Technology Platform, adding five intelligent Gunther inserting systems.  With the acquisition of these inserting systems, DMM has further developed its industry-leading service capabilities by achieving higher productivity at lower operational costs.  The Gunther technology allows DMM to introduce specialized insurance policy stitching and multi print stream matching to improve complex document processing capabilities.

These innovative inserting systems help DMM provide a stronger ROI for its customers’ direct mail investments by increasing productivity and inserting integrity.  By combining next-gen products with advanced services and support, DMM has expanded its solutions to better serve customer needs.

The Gunther inserters are software-driven intelligent mailing systems utilized by the insurance, banking, healthcare, and financial services industries. They lead the field in complex, high-page-count mail finishing via high-throughput, and guaranteed integrity at every stage of the insertion process, with the ability to process both flat and folded mail. The built-in Champion™ software is a highly sophisticated and extremely flexible operating system in mail-finishing equipment control and management systems.

These integrity based inserting systems automatically assemble printed documents, fold, staple or bind the documents and insert completed documents into appropriate envelopes for mailing or other distribution. The Gunther inserting systems allow DMM to offer complex document insertion with multiple mail stream matching and packaging options at the piece level.

DMM is currently utilizing this technology to better manage complex packages for insurance industry clients across multiple applications.  For example, DMM is able to insert and match insurance policies with ID cards from separate print streams with specialized stitching for multi-page packages.  DMM can now offer customized insurance agent packaging that can be processed through these mailing systems with integrity based mail processing for both letter size and flat mail.  For more information, please email for further details.