DMM, Inc. Meets Market Demands With Canon Digital Production Printing Equipment

Posted: Dec 24, 2021 in News

DMM, Inc. Meets Market Demands With Canon Digital Production Printing Equipment

Using tools provided by Canon Solutions America, Inc., DMM, Inc., a leading document solutions company in North America, continues to meet new and existing challenges in the document printing and direct mail production space, while helping reduce overall costs, optimizing production efficiencies, and improving delivery times. It has done so by being an early adopter of production inkjet with the Canon ColorStream 3900, varioPRINT i300, PRISMA workflow, and its recent installation of three Canon Titan 6000 printers.

DMM, Inc. tested the range of capabilities of its production inkjet presses to support not only its high-speed document delivery times but also its precise direct mail communications. High accuracy is a crucial element when it comes to serving the company’s regulatory and compliance customers, including financial services, property and casualty, and healthcare insurance document printing.

DMM, Inc. was founded more than 40 years ago by T.J. Cloutier and is a second generation privately held company. The business started out as a data service bureau and has established itself as a reliable and consistent resource for data driven solutions. DMM has since become a leading document solutions provider specializing in transactional printing, mission-critical document output, direct mail production, marketing communications, and fulfillment distribution services. With a proven track record in data composition and direct mail production, DMM has received multiple industry awards and continues to bring innovative solutions and best-in-class technology to a number of Fortune 100 companies across multiple industries nationwide.

“We were one of the first companies in the industry that was developing databases and working with data to produce transactional documents, so we have a sweet spot for data hygiene, data processing, and development. Eventually as technology became more cost-effective and mainstream, data composition became that much more efficient, and this led to the company’s evolution as a data-driven technology service provider with deeply rooted expertise deploying mission critical communications,” said John V. Cloutier, President and CEO. DMM utilizes technology, innovation, and business intelligence to optimize workflow efficiencies that enhance document delivery, increase customer engagement, and improve the overall customer experience.

Most work orders sent to DMM are from its compliance clientele, including regulated and unregulated industries such as insurance, healthcare, utility, and financial services. This makes document management and accuracy expectations crucial. With strict guidelines and quick turnaround times, output needs to be consistent every time, leaving very little room for error from data preparation all the way to printing the final product. Having the right hardware and software for this type of work is essential.

“Our biggest differentiator in the marketplace would definitely be our innovative use of technology, particularly our Canon inkjet technology and PRISMA workflow, as well as our integrity verification and user portal platforms for our customers. We work with very tight SLAs, and output needs to get into the customer’s hands in a certain amount of time requiring a high degree of accuracy. For this reason, we’ve customized workflow and technology platforms that can meet our customers’ SLAs on time—providing exceptional compliance for our customers, thanks to our Canon inkjet presses and workflow,” said Cloutier.

In its early years as a digital print provider, DMM, Inc. utilized numerous roll-to-roll cut sheet presses, then acquired its first Canon inkjet press in 2018 to be able to onboard a very important Fortune 100 company with approximately 250 unique applications and very complex workflows. As a result of its success for company operations from an efficiency and high-quality standpoint, DMM, Inc. has continued to invest in Canon inkjet technology with the purchase of the varioPRINT i300 and varioPRINT 8000, and its newest acquisition of a second ColorStream 3900 printer.

With a range of Canon inkjet technology in-house to meet specific customer needs, Cloutier explains that by “having the varioPRINT i300 digital color press for our color work, the varioPRINT 8000 web-fed press for our transactional documents, and our ColorStream 3900 for our high-volume output, we are very confident that we are equipped with the proper mix of technology to produce near-perfect output for our diverse customer base. Over the years we have gotten to know the technology very well and two of the reasons why we opted for Canon were the quality of the output and better uptime.”

Since its diversification to include toner-based presses, DMM, Inc. has seen notable benefits from a micro-printing perspective for its customers that require clear and precise black-and-white printing, such as QR codes for integrity based tracking, and other compliance communications. This transition to the Titan 6000 for its black-and-white output has allowed for higher quality as well as improved proof-to-print and mail delivery times.

“It is always a privilege to play a part in the success of our customers, and it continues to inspire every one of us to keep building on what we have created, and to keep delivering innovative and creative solutions to end users. It is why we do what we do,” said Peter P. Kowalczuk, president, Canon Solutions America, Inc. “We encourage our customers to put our products and solutions to the test when it comes to efficiency, productivity, and quality. DMM, Inc. has done just that. Their journey proves that by investing in powerful technology backed by a strong service and support team, you can achieve consistent growth and reach new market applications.”