DMM Launches New Priority Mail Optimization Solution - PM360°

Posted: Sep 15, 2022 in Company Updates


DMM is a partner you can count on to provide the technology, protocols, and secure environment to deliver 100% compliance. Inspired by technology and innovation, the new DMM PM360° can expedite the delivery of the right piece at the right time providing substantial cost savings – up to 25% in postage.


The Challenge

DMM has a ten year relationship servicing an Insurance Company that specializes in property and casualty insurance. The customer approached DMM to create a postage savings solution for Priority Mail packages while maintaining their SLA and compliance requirements for the printing and mailing of their insurance documents.

Description of the Work

Applications included policy output for multiple lines including new business and a variety of applications and packages. Operationally, jobs varied based on SLA, page count and package type.  Part of the challenge was that the customer’s input files contained both regular flats and Priority Mail packages (all within the same files).  

The Solution

DMM’s solution group created a data to delivery work-flow that identified all packages within a file requiring Priority Mail postage based on multiple factors. A data extraction was developed along with customized reporting that provided the client with billing by cost center, postal savings, and tracking details.

The full solution included:

• Automated work-flow processing and reduced postage spend

• Expanded Gunther insertion and fulfillment SOPs for Priority Mail package insertion/labeling

• Automation of billing, transactional reporting by cost center, and piece level postage savings

• Piece level tracking and reporting through the USPS


• Reduced Priority Mail postage spent by 18% monthly

• Average postage savings of $2 per package

• Added USPS piece level tracking

• Maintained SLA Performance Standards