DMM Receives 2023 PINE Award of Excellence ~ PM360 Solution Product Launch

Posted: Jun 09, 2023 in Awards
DMM Inc., a national digital document solutions provider and member of PINE, received an Award of Excellence recognizing the company’s PM360 Solution Product Launch ~ Cross Media Campaign. The annual print competition was held on May 4th with over 300 print and digital entries that were entered into the 2023 PINE Awards of Excellence competition. DMM’s Award of Excellence for its PM360 Solution Cross Media Campaign included campaign outreach utilizing print, email, social media and online engagement. Campaign performance metrics include: 6% response rate, 21% open rate and 18% savings in customer postage spend.  The PM360 product is a USPS Approved Priority Mail Postal Optimization Solution which provides the following customer benefits:
·        Automated workflow processing
·       Mail-piece level tracking and reporting
·       18% eduction in priority mail postage spend
·        Improved SLA Performance
This is a timely and relevant product offering as business mailers are in an market economy where postal costs continue to rise.  DMM can help clients save as much as 18%-25% in priority mail postage costs which converts to real savings for customers who are required to provide their documents through the mail. This is a “win win” for DMM and it’s customers! To learn more, reach out to our client solutions team at: [email protected].