DMM’s Utility Solution Creates Efficiencies - Delivers Improved Customer experience

Posted: Sep 30, 2021 in Industry Case Study

DMM is a partner you can count on to provide the technology, protocols, and secure environment to deliver 100% compliance.  Whether a market is rural or urban, telecom and utility companies are in highly competitive environments with narrow profit margins.  Compelling targeted customer communications based on customer data help control customer churn and aid retention and acquisition. DMM’s flexible, scalable solutions support regulatory compliance and security requirements.  Whether it is a bill, newsletter or any type of notice we can help you transform your customer experience.

DMM has been developing application solutions for the utility industry for over thirty-seven years.  Whether you need to produce and mail monthly invoices, communicate rate increases, or mail delinquent notices, we have the resources to get the job done quickly, securely and cost-effectively.


Direct Mail Communications

Statements & Invoices

Delinquent Notices Disconnections

Dunning Letters

Rate Increase Notices

Restriction Letters

Regulatory Communications


The Challenge

DMM was engaged by a utility company with several contracts to find a way to automate the processing of their invoices without converting their internal platform.  The customer was looking for an end to end provider that would procure and warehouse inventory, reduce costs, improve in home delivery times, provide optimal postage savings (they were paying full rate), and create an online web portal for proofing and real-time job tracking.


The Solution

The DMM programming team created a single processing application triggered by file receipt and naming convention that not only processes their files (and their contract account files) for postal presort but can also programmatically add in-line inserts, posts proofs along with NCOA reports to the web portal for approvals, and automatically generate billing reports by cost center and cycle.  The dMM360 user portal allows authorized users to approve or reject proofs prior to print production, access a library of all their marketing and pre-printed materials such as envelopes, inserts, business cards, and shut off tags, review inventory levels, set reorder alerts based on contract renewals, and view real time job tracking and SLA status.



Overall, DMM was able to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and deliver an improved customer experience.  Benefits include:

  • 100% SLA Compliant
  • Reduced postage expenses by 18%
  • Created an automated printing workflow and eliminated most offline inserts reducing print expenses/excess (only print what you need)
  • Increase home delivery times by 1-2 days
  • Improved the customers billing/reporting for their contract accounts
  • Gained savings on pre-printed materials by purchasing larger volumes and having DMM warehouse materials