Print Fulfillment and Mailing Services

Fulfillment and Mailing Services  

DMM is the leader for print fulfillment and mailing services for companies in all types of industries. We’ve been dedicated to maximizing delivery and minimizing costs in order to produce results for our clients.  DMM’s mailing and distribution experts use efficient processes in lean manufacturing to streamline workflow and reduce costs. Our infrastructure allows us to provide optimal mailing and kit assembly in addition to offering the least cost delivery model options for shipping.

Print Fulfillment Services for Business

Print fulfillment can get complicated, cluttered and costly if not handled with care and consistency. Our print fulfillment services move past just offering direct mail and marketing collateral fulfillment – We have a manufacturing process that streamlines all operations ensuring that we are meeting the print fulfillment needs of our clients and within budget.

Mailing Services for Business

Additionally, our partnership with USPS allows us to provide competitive shipping rates to our clients in an effort to cut costs. The USPS partnership not only saves our clients money but also offers a unique pricing structure that takes advantage of bulk orders for both international and domestic mailing services.

At DMM we understand the difficulties associated with managing your company’s document outsourcing services. That is why we take pride in not only print fulfillment and mailing services but a wide array of document outsourcing solutions that save time and money. We have access to the latest in print management technology and security and use this to ensure that we are handling all of your needs in a cost-effective, secure and timely manner.


We offer the latest in document outsourcing, including fulfillment and mailing services.

  • State of the art secured facilities with SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO27001, and PCI compliance
  • Mail integrity verification & automated document tracking
  • Scalable operation & resources to meet SLA’s
  • Data security procedures with restricted key card access, a strict visitor sign-in policy, 24-hour video surveillance monitoring
  • Secured File Transfer Protocol, employee background checks to safeguard client data and protect privacy

We offer a true client-centric service model for all of your print fulfillment and mailing services needs including: 

  • List, Data and Lead Management
  • Direct Mail and Variable Data Applications
  • Barcoding and Intelligent Inserting
  • Addressing and Inkjetting
  • Presorting Services

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