Print Outsourcing Management

Print Outsourcing Management

For over 40 years, clients have trusted DMM for all of their print outsourcing management needs. By leveraging our in-house technology and secure infrastructure we are able to offer clients an end-to-end solution for all of their print production and mailing services. By outsourcing your print management services to DMM, we are able to help in reducing overhead and at the same time provide a shorter time to market for all of your printing requirements.

Business Critical Document Production

By trusting DMM for all of your Document Outsourcing needs, the production and management of all of your business critical documents is handled under one roof. We are able to help streamline all print outsourcing management components, by automating workflows through our cutting edge software as well as leveraging the latest in toner and inkjet digital printing systems.

How Print Outsourcing Management Can Save You Money

By outsourcing your print management needs, you are leveraging the efficiencies that DMM has by producing a high volume of work. Instead of spending countless hours soliciting bids from a variety of vendors to produce minimal savings, DMM is able to offer industry-best rates. We do this by taking advantage of relationships we’ve had for over 40 years that allow us to provide you a roadmap for scalability.

At DMM we understand the difficulties associated with managing your company’s many diverse and expansive print management requirements. That is why we take pride in offering you end-to-end document outsource solutions that save time and money. We have access to the latest in print management technology and use this to ensure that we are handling all your needs in a cost-effective, secure and timely manner.

We offer the latest in document outsourcing security and compliance

• State of the art secured facilities with SOC 2, HIPAA, ISO27001, and PCI compliance
• Mail integrity verification & automated document tracking
• Scalable operation & resources to meet SLA’s
• Data security procedures with restricted key card access, a strict visitor sign-in policy, 24-hour video surveillance monitoring
• Secured File Transfer Protocol, and employee background checks to safeguard client data and protect privacy

We offer a true client-centric service model for all of your print management outsourcing needs.

• Dedicated experienced account teams with twenty-five years handling printing and mailing of confidential documents
• dmm360 proprietary customer user portals to provide real-time SLA tracking for end-to-end execution & quality assurance
• Certified project managers specializing in client onboarding and the implementation of new technologies

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