Streamline Your Business Operations with DMM’s Document Outsourcing Solution

Posted: Jun 28, 2019 in Company Updates

Streamline Your Business Operations with DMM’s Document Outsourcing

One of the best ways to streamline your operations and improve your return is by outsourcing document services to a partner who specializes in print, mail and electronic document production. DMM specializes in complete mail outsourcing with the technology and staff to manage all your processing needs. Our partnership allows you to focus on your core business and provides benefits that go directly to your bottom line.

DMM streamlines efficiencies, automates workflows and boosts productivity with leading edge software and the latest inkjet digital printing technology to provide complete document solutions.   DMM’s 360 User Portal provides flexible and easy to use 24/7 self-serve portal support and provides real-time job access and resources.

See how a print and mail outsourcing company like DMM can help you reduce your risk, cost of processing and meet ever-changing compliance regulations. Our secure print solutions were designed for regulated industries and financial institutions.

Benefits of Document Outsourcing with DMM

Security Protocols – Compliance 

Our facilities have high level security protocols which include SOC2/Type II, ISO 27001, G7 and HIPAA compliance. DMM utilizes technical, physical and administrative safeguards to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of client information.

Integrity Verification & Tracking

Our Ironsides Technology Platform ensures 100% distribution compliance at the page, piece, and record level. This automated production tracking eliminates insertion errors and compliance risk using automated real-time work-in-progress data, validating for every mail piece at every device with barcode scanning. This is an independent audit trail that only completes delivery when every piece is accounted for in order to finalize processing. This tool improves SLA management and provides job visibility and tracking.

Dedicated Account Teams

DMM’s dedicated account teams combine the latest skills and technology with over thirty years’ hands-on experience to streamline program execution with the attention to detail that only comes from an industry leader. DMM’s service model includes multi-level escalation processes and communication best practices that support client specific SLA response times and reporting procedures to better manage your business needs.

dmm360° – Real-time Access

DMM’s proprietary client user portals provide fully transparent real-time job tracking that let you view your projects and programs from initiation through USPS delivery.  Available 24/7, our customized user portals have functionality that includes document management, online proofing, reporting, inventory management, shipping, and real-time job tracking leveraging the Ironsides Integrity Tracking Tool.

SLA Management Best Practice Tools

DMM’s account team and project managers provide solutions for managing best practices for all your SLAs. To keep programs on track and on time, our customized portals provide SLA reporting, daily production meetings, weekly customer update webinars and quarterly reviews to support customer management and governance.

Full-Service IMb – Enhanced Mail Piece Tracking

DMM’s data center is USPS CASS certified for USPS IMb (Intelligent Mail Barcode) to reduce costs and provide tracking of your mail throughout the distribution process. Ask about our enhanced delivery tracking with Intelligent Mail Barcode Tracking and Tracing Solution.

Other Services Include:


  • Document Composition & Design
  • Secure Document Print & Delivery
  • Real-time Job Visibility and Tracking
  • Document Finishing
  • Postal Optimization
  • Business Process Outsourcing
  • Fulfillment & Mailing Services
  • Business Process Automation


Other Benefits to Outsourcing Include:

Lower Inventory Management Costs: Inventory storage and management add to your overhead. Outsourced print and mail frees up floor space for your core business functions. DMM allows you to maintain control of your inventory online, or via your mobile device in real-time through our online workflow management tool dmm360.

Maximize Postage Savings: Though total production costs vary by job, DMM helps clients maximize savings through multiple levels of presort automation. When you outsource print and mail production with us, it can help you leverage multiple levels of presort automation. We analyze your mail to ensure the lowest postage rates available, and if appropriate, may propose a solution that includes duplex printing and envelope sizing.

Reduce Risk: Working with a print outsourcing company shifts the liability for compliance-driven SLAs (service level agreements) to your print management partner. Business continuity and backup planning related to document production and mailing are also shifted to the outsourcing company.  As your partner DMM manages the risk for you!