USPS July 9th 2023 Rate Increase Update

Posted: Jun 29, 2023 in Industry Update

USPS July 9th, 2023 Rate Increase

On July 9th, 2023 the USPS will implement a new rate increase.  However, by partnering with DMM you can take advantage of DMM’s postal optimization platforms and save!

By leveraging these platforms you can ensure you are capitalizing on the best discounts available!  Whether you mail letters, flats, or parcels, and send them First Class, Marketing mail or Non-Profit mail – we have a postal presort saving option for you!

Savings – Opportunities

Presort Commingling

DMM offers postal commingling services that allow you to presort your data and obtain the highest postal savings available. Our USPS specialists can help you accurately budget your postage spend without any unplanned surprises and advise you on strategies to save!

Data Cleansing Services

We also have a team of IS engineers in our data department that specialize in data hygiene services and perform: NCOA, Address Correction, ZIP+4 Barcoding, and CASS Certification. By identifying addresses that need correction, we can help you reduce undeliverable mail and improve the overall deliver-ability of your mail-pieces by 10%-15% – saving you unnecessary expense in printing and postage.

USPS Promotional Campaigns

The USPS is bringing back the postal promotion campaigns they conducted in 2022 so we will keep you posted.  There is Informed Delivery which will offer a 4% discount in postage and Personalized Color Transpromo which will offer a 3-4% savings.  There will also be a 3% savings level offered for Emerging and & Advanced Technology.

If you would like to learn more about the USPS 2023 rate increase you can go to: