What the DMM-Ironsides Alliance Can Do For You

Posted: Mar 29, 2019 in Company Updates

What the DMM-Ironsides Alliance Can Do For You

Quite simply, DMM’s partnership with Ironsides enhances document integrity and helps our clients meet strict compliance standards.

Document integrity is the most important consideration when ensuring compliance communications are delivered accurately.  When producing data driven document solutions, security, privacy and regulatory compliance standards are key criteria in how a service provider’s performance is measured. The Ironsides APT solution is unique in that it verifies output integrity. We have incorporated Ironsides APT software and camera technology into our workflow to eliminate insertion errors and provide full document integrity for each individual mail piece.

DMM’s automated mail insertion process utilizes a combination of 2D and Intelligent Mail Barcodes (IMB) to uniquely identify customer documents. We have installed Ironsides APT and cameras on nine inserters and three hand fulfillment stations. Ironsides technology helps DMM track the production process down to the piece level, using both 2D barcode and IMb barcode technology.

Each mail piece has a 2D or IMb barcode on it that is created in the Ironsides program as a .JIF file. The first piece runs through a camera at the input and the output of the inserter or is hand scanned (if handwork), and it opens the .JIF file. As each piece processes through the inserter, it is marked green, or authenticated, and insertion is confirmed. If a piece is missing, it shows as gray for unprocessed. If there is a duplicate piece, is shows yellow. Errors are alerted in red on the command and control dashboard and a reprint request is automatically triggered.  This reduces the client risk of penalties associated with late delivery by monitoring production performance in real time, and ensures privacy protection of printed data by ensuring each record is correctly printed and inserted.

Plus, Ironsides APT offers robust real-time reporting and data analytics to help with job tracking and costing. This allows DMM to understand our throughput per line so we can improve processes, reduce costs and add integrity to every mail piece delivered. We are able to offer automated email reports at regular intervals, detailed audit reports for compliance, production reports by job, operator, shift, and facility, and detailed SLA reporting.

Industries such as healthcare and finance are particularly concerned with mail piece integrity as many of the documents being printed contain confidential information, records and statements. No longer is it optional to have systems in place to prevent data and security breaches to this information. Regulatory standards require document solutions companies to not only have systems in place, but to be able to field any questions about how they are managing their client’s sensitive data at any moment’s notice.

According to John Cloutier, DMM’s President and CEO, “In today’s market, anything less than 100 percent end-to-end document integrity puts our business and our customers at risk. Our investment in Ironsides APT allows us to operate more efficiently and provide our customers with the assurance that all of their jobs have been assembled correctly and are fully compliant with industry regulations.”